Jennifer S. Taub


Jennifer S. Taub joined the Vermont Law School faculty in July 2011 as an Associate Professor of Law where she teaches contracts, corporations and securities regulation. Before joining VLS, she taught at the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She researches and writes in the area of corporate governance, shareholders’ rights, bankruptcy, and financial market regulation. Previously, Professor Taub was an Associate General Counsel for Fidelity Investments. She graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School and earned her undergraduate degree, cum laude, with distinction in the English major from Yale College.

Professor Taub is writing a book for Yale Press on legal causes of and responses to the financial crisis, expanding upon her paper entitled “Enablers of Exuberance.” Her book chapter, “The Sophisticated Investor and the Global Financial Crisis,” was published in 2011 in Corporate Governance Failures: The Role of Institutional Investors in the Global Financial Crisis, Hawley, Kamath and Williams, eds. Taub has a chapter commissioned in the Oxford University Press Handbook on the Political Economy of the Financial Crisis, Epstein and Wolfson, eds., and has a case study forthcoming fall of 2011 on AIG in Monks and Minow, Corporate Governance, 5th Edition. Her article “Able but Not Willing: The Failure of Mutual Fund Advisers to Advocate for Shareholders’ Rights,” was published in 2009 in the Journal of Corporation Law.