Media Appearances


The Federalist Society, Corporations, Securities, and Antitrust Practice Group Podcast, January 12, 2012

Discussing Business Roundtable v. SEC and the Future of Proxy Access

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CNBC, The Call, July 15, 2010

Assessing whether the financial regulatory bill will prevent another financial crisis


CNBC, The Call, June 23, 2010

Let Banks Trade Derivatives?



CNBC, The Call, April 1, 2010

Interview about whether hedge fund salaries are justified.



CNBC, The View, Jan. 26, 2010

The (Million?) Dollar Man (The Compensation of Ed Whitacre at GM)



CNBC, The View, Jan. 21, 2010

Bonus Payments:  The Current Developments in Executive Compensation



CNBC, The View, Dec. 10, 2009

Bonuses:  Do They Get It?



CNBC, The Call, Oct. 28, 2009

How to Regulate Exec Pay



CNBC, The Call, Sept. 14, 2009

Should Wall Street Pay Be Capped?



CNBC, The Call, August 17, 2009

Executive Compensation and Andrew Hall