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Obama, the Transition Team, and the SEC

The Obama Transition team has designated the individuals responsible for reviewing the SEC.  They are all from the Economics and International Trade Team Leads and will include: 

Former Treasury Under Secretary for Domestic Finance Gary Gensler who will lead the review.  Gensler worked for Goldman, becoming a partner by the age of 30, and advised Paul Sarbanes on SOX.  The SEC team also will include former Federal Trade Commissioner Mozelle W. Thompson and William "Thomas" Dohrmann, a partner at McKinsey & Co.

As the Transition Team website notes:

  • The Agency Review Teams for the Obama-Biden Transition will complete a thorough review of key departments, agencies and commissions of the United States government, as well as the White House, to provide the President-elect, Vice President-elect, and key advisors with information needed to make strategic policy, budgetary, and personnel decisions prior to the inauguration. The Teams will ensure that senior appointees have the information necessary to complete the confirmation process, lead their departments, and begin implementing signature policy initiatives immediately after they are sworn in.

The other teams include:

Agency Review Co-Chairs
Melody Barnes
Lisa Brown
Don Gips

Working Group Members
Seth Harris
David J. Hayes
Reed Hundt
Sally Katzen
Tom Perez
Ray Rivera
Sarah Sewall
Louisa Terrell
Michael Warren
Tom Wheeler
Jon Wilkins
Deputy Director Lisa Ellman
Special Assistant Liz Fujii
Special Assistant Joani Walsh

Economics and International Trade Team Leads

Reed Hundt
Michael Warren
Josh Gotbaum
William "Thomas" Dohrmann
James Johnson
Anjan Mukherjee
Gregory L. Rosston
Sylvia Mathews Burwell
Susan Ness
Phil Weiser
Peter M. Shane
Fred P. Hochberg
Ginger Lew
Gary Gensler
Mozelle W. Thompson
Peter Blair Henry
Lisa D. Cook
George Munoz
Nelson Cunningham
Alan H. Fleischmann

National Security Team Leads
Sarah Sewall
Tom Donilon
Wendy R. Sherman
Michèle A. Flournoy
John P. White
Robert R. Beers
Clark Kent Ervin
Gayle E. Smith
Aaron Williams
John O. Brennan
Judith A. ("Jami") Miscik

Justice and Civil Rights Team Leads

Tom Perez
Dawn Johnsen
Alejandro Mayorkas
David William Ogden
Tom Perelli
Theodore M. Shaw
Aderson Bellegarde Francois
Judge Cruz Reynoso
Spencer Overton
Robert Lenhard
Alan W. Houseman
LaVeeda Battle
Kareem Dale
Marilyn Golden

Energy and Natural Resources Team Leads

David J. Hayes
Bart Chilton
Carole Jett
Elgie Holstein
Elizabeth Montoya
Sue Tierney
Cecilia V. Estolano
Lisa Jackson
Robert Sussman
Rose McKinney-James
Keith Harper
John Leshy

Education & Labor Team Leads

Seth Harris
Judith A. Winston
Michael Camuñez
Deborah Jospin
Shirley Sagawa
Thomas A. Kochan
Nancy E. Peace
Phyllis Segal
Joseph Swerdzewski
Edward Montgomery
Cynthia Estlund
Linda A. Puchala
Richard Huberman

Department of Health and Human Services Team Leads
Tom Perez
Anthony Brown
William Scott Gould
Pamela Gilbert
Bill Corr
Nicole Lurie
Roberta Achtenberg
Xavier de Souza Briggs
Bruce Katz
Dr. Susan Daniels
Jim Roosevelt
Jonathan D. Moreno

Science, Tech, Space and Arts Team Leads
Tom Wheeler
Don Beyer
Ralph Everett
Susan Crawford
Ken Werbach
Lori Garver
Roderic ("Roddy") Olvera Young
Bill Ivey
Anne Luzzatto
Clement Price
Jim Kohlenberger
Henry M. Rivera

Executive Office of the President Team Leads

Sally Katzen
Antony Blinken
Ivo Daalder
Mara Eve Rudman
Audrey Choi
Michele Jolin
George Frampton
Thomas Soto
Brad Kiley
Al Lenhardt
Todd Stern
Mark Lindsay
Barbara Chow
Bowman Cutter
Christopher Putala
Donald Vereen
Thomas Kalil
Mario Molina
Anna Gomez
Peter Cowhey
Rick Stamberger

Government Operations Team Leads
Sally Katzen
Martha Johnson
Jane Woodfin
Bruce McConnell
Gloria Parker
Amy Comstock Rick
Elaine Kaplan
Linh Nguyen
Sylvia Bolivar
Stephen Crawford

Transportation Team Leads
Seth Harris
Mortimer Downey
Jane Garvey
Michael Huerta
John Cullather
Carol Carmody

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