Finding the Latest "Hot" Corporate and Securities Law Scholarship

Many readers of this blog are likely very familiar with the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), which "is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research."  One of the neat things you can do on SSRN, which may be news to at least some interested readers, is see the top downloaded papers in a particular subject area for all papers posted in the last 60 days.  You get there via the "Browse" page on SSRN.  From there you can see the top downloads for any subject heading by clicking on the accompanying "info" icon where available.  For example, you can find the list for "Corporate Governance U.S." here (the list on the left is for all-time downloads) and the list for "Securities Law: U.S." here (there will be some overlap).  Happy hunting!

PS--For some analysis of the “Top 5 Corporate & Securities Blog Posts” you can check out the Securities Law Practice Center, which posts a “bi-weekly installment shining a light on the best of the corporate and securities blogosphere.”  The authors were kind enough to select my last post for inclusion here.

Stefan Padfield