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Shareholder Activism: The Success of Few for the Few

In 2018, activist shareholder campaigns increased to a record high, with about 250 campaigns initiated over the year (up from about 210 campaigns initiated in 2017). (Gail Weinstein et al., Harvard LawSchool). Institutional investors – such as pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, banks, and hedge funds – have initiated public campaigns to attempt to influence companies and management. (Yuliya Ponomareva, Forbes). These institutional players typically own a greater percentage of companies relative to individual minority shareholders and have more leverage, capital, and incentive to pressure management to take certain actions. Such investors tend to focus on issues related to corporate governance, such as replacing management, dividend payouts, new board of director appointments and executive compensation; however, unlike previous cycles of shareholder activism, environmental and other social issues are also becoming common platforms. 

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